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Milena Miljkovic
Milena MiljkovicSR Front-End Developer | Stock Photographer

Personal information:

I was born in December, 1980. Some would say I’m as old as hills, but I’m a child at heart. Sagittarius is my zodiac sign and I’m brutally honest even though sometimes it takes its toll on me. I finished medical High school, I now wish I hadn’t… I started Law school and haven’t finished it, but now I wish I had.
I have been married for sixteen years, no kids. You wonder why? Well, it’s none of your business. I love dogs, we had two huskies and now we have two adopted stray girl dogs. We love them so much!
I would describe myself as creative, optimistic, adventurous, hyperactive, cheerful and very demanding person.

Professional information:

My obsession with computers and their opportunities began in 1999, but my interest in them has grown deeper ever since. I started learning Photoshop and Web Design in 2006. In September that same year I made my first site which won the “Website of the Day” award of the American Design Awards. In 2007 I started working for an insurance company from Switzerland as a Front End Developer, now I work for eight such companies. From October 2013 until March 2016 I worked for a programming company from Belgrade and that is when I realized I’m happier when I’m freelancing.
I’m fascinated by photography in past few years so I became a stock photographer. I’m seriously considering opening my own studio.